Blog Marketing: 7 Tips to Grow Your Audience

Blog Marketing: Tips to Grow Your Audience

If you’re writing blog posts, it is a given that you want an audience. Without readers, what would be the point? One of the best ways to make sure that people are finding your content is by doing SEO on your blog’s website. In other words, working hard to rank your website higher in search engines and make it discoverable.

But you can do more! Show your readers how great your blog post is with these blogging tips. A consistent a growing audience that shares what you create will be the result!

Tip 1: Start With the Mission of Your Business Website

Marketing is an essential step for growing your business. It involves increasing the number of people who know and appreciate your company, products, and brand. Marketing will only be effective for your website if the strategies you choose match what it is that you’re offering to your clients. Focus on defining the mission of your site, and then you’ll know which marketing methods to use.

Put together a mission statement and make sure that it’s always reflected in your marketing content. Your content should align with the mission and embody what makes your companyand website different.

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Example: StartUpAm’s Mission and Marketing

The mission of StartUpAm is to help people start, build and optimize their website. To fulfill that mission, we offer in-depth reviews of the best website related products, services, and how-to guides.

We use different platforms to communicate with our audience (i.e. blogging, the newsletter and social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn). This way we can be sure that everyone in touch with us is up to date on all our latest news.

We like to share posts that enforce our mission. That is not to say that we do not also write about optimizing websites, in fact, many of the posts on our website are about business optimization for this reason. A big part of what we do at StartUpAm is brand building and so we collaborate with other brands through sharing videos and photos on our page too.

Marketing that Fits Your Brand

Tip 2: Get to Know Your Audience

It is vital to know who your audience is before you start marketing. Are they from a certain region? What do they like reading about? The more detail you gather, the easier it will be for you to engage with them and create content that resonates with their needs.

There are a number of ways to answer these questions. You could do some research with Google Analytics to see what they discovered. Another idea is conducting a survey with Hotjar of your “audience” and find out more about them. Once you know more about the people who visit your website, it will be easier to create content that resonates with them and avoids common pitfalls.

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Tip 3: Think About Your New Audiences!

Now that you know more about your target audience, what they could be interested in, and other audiences of interest you could reach; have you considered using a full marketing strategy?

One of the most important factors to consider in a business is their audience. Identify where that audience could be and their growth potential. If you have a small audience with good potential, it’s worth doubling down on that demographic to see if they become your biggest customer base.

One big question could be: where do I find more people with my interests? There could also just be a small divide between your current and desired audience. Your growth question would then be: where do I find the audience like me?

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Tip 4: Choose Marketing that Fits Your Brand

Marketing also needs to be in line with your brand. Branding is the way you want to represent your business online for consumers to see. Style and design choices are heavily influenced by branding as well, so it’s important that you keep this in mind when moving forward with anything marketing related.

I think it’s really important to have a branding plan that shows who you are. That being said, it also needs to be consistently executed so things don’t get stale or unclear. I just want to make sure that you understand how important this is- getting your brand right is a matter of personal taste, but it should always be reflective of who you are.

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Tip 5: Find the Right Platforms

A key starting point to any marketing campaign is to identify the audience who you want to reach. A marketing strategy that works for one group of people may not work for their peer group. For example, a strategy that would be popular with teenagers on Facebook is unlikely to help you reach older retirees on Instagram.

In order to create engaging content for the different social media channels, it’s important to fine-tune your posts on the audience you want to reach.

You might consider sending out a weekly newsletter to your readers. It’s a way to stay in touch and provide quality content that aligns with your brand, so they’ll think of you whenever they need something. You may not get all of your audience to subscribe, but some will.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, it may also be worth considering contacting a blog in the same niche and discussing the possibility of providing them with a guest post. This would allow you to benefit from speaking to an audience that is already interested in your topic as well as broadening your contact base at the same time.

Don’t just send low-quality guest posts to blog you find – that’s not the best use of your time and effort and won’t get you the results you want. But if you can craft a great post for another blog that reaches a (bigger) audience than your own, then it could be worth partnering with them on.

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Tip 6: Start a Facebook Group

If you’re looking to start a group on Facebook, there are some steps you need to take first. You should make sure that you have enough members before you launch your Facebook group. Also, you should consider whether you want to allow people to join your group without having to request permission from the group owner.

If you do not want to allow this, make sure you have a clear group description and rules. You should create a community calendar that includes events and gatherings for your Facebook group members. You can also use your Facebook group to promote your community calendar by posting important dates and times so that members can plan around these gatherings.

Tip 7: Creativity in Advertising

Creative advertisements are very effective at grabbing the attention of the consumer, but there is a lack of evidence that they lead to conversions and sales.The open ended nature of advertisements allows the consumer to make their own interpretation of the advertisement and create their own image.

If you have an advertising budget, you could also choose to pay for ads on Facebook or Google. I would recommend the Boost Post option on Facebook. That way your posts get more attention.

Facebook lets you really target the people you’re trying to reach. Like when you want to focus on a younger, or older crowd for example. With all these settings, like age group and location for example, your message will be shown to the people most likely to find value in your content.

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Blog Marketing in Conclusion…

Your blog is like a digital marketing assistant that helps connect you with your audience. As such, it’s critically important for you to design a blog strategy to go hand-in-hand with your SEO efforts. Growth is not always about more money – though expanding can help improve profitability – but it’s about growing the audience of people who know, like and trust you.

Got a blog and looking for ways to make money from it? The options are endless but marketing is a great way to get people interested in your work. These tips will help you grow your following and find your own voice.

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