How to Create Digital Printables to Sell Online

Create Digital Printables to Sell Online

Make Passive Income with Digital Printables

If you want a simple, passive way to make some extra money and put your creative skills to work, then you should start selling printable designs online. Now you don’t have to be a design expert to create timeline pics. All you need is a passion for good graphic design, and you’ll be able to create your own digital printables.

You don’t need to invest a ton of cash up front to start an online business. If you have the skills and drive, this article offer loads of free resources for publishing digital printables and affordable e-commerce platforms to sell your creations on.

If you want to start an online business, consider creating and selling digital printables. This is the place on the internet that you can come to learn all there is to know on how to make those cool digital printable things.

If you are eager to get started on your online business, have you considered running digital printables? We’ll discuss the basics of making them and figuring out how to sell them.

You’re just about ready to start your own online business! To make digital printables, you’ll need to know the basics about it. That includes the process of making them and figuring out how to sell them.

What Are Digital Printables?

“Printables” are a contemporary way of saying document that is to be either printed and distributed, or used electronically. Currently people need help with planning, organizing, and many more and they buy printables to make these tasks easier.

For example, one can search for a workout schedule that would fix their organization problem. A lack of organization with your workout schedule is really hindering you from achieving success.

Types of Digital Printables

Creating printables for any interest or passion is something that can be easily done with a little bit of creativity and imagination. But before you start brainstorming ideas, picture the final product-not just what you want it to look like but also how much space it will take up and how long it will take to create.

How can you introduce the idea of loving dogs to people? What printables can you create, even? To guide you through all the available choices, here’s a list of the most common types of digital printables sold online:

#1: Decor Printables

  • Artwork: living room, kitchen, bathroom, nursery

  • Quotes: funny, motivational, inspirational

#2: Planner Printables

  • Marketing content planners

  • Budget planners

  • Calendars

  • Workout planners

  • Cooking planners

  • Meal planners

  • Diet planners

#3: Stationery Printables

  • Journals

  • Stickers

  • Letter papers

  • Workbooks

#4: Coloring printables

  • Templates

  • Coloring pages or sheets

  • Mandalas

#5: Event & party printables

  • Invitations: Themed party, wedding

  • Seating cards

  • Decorations: Birthday, halloween, baby shower

If you’re constantly making to-do lists or organizing projects, ideas, and tasks with a personal system, then you can easily create a printable and sell it online.

Creating Printables

If you’re not skilled with graphics, research on how others design their printables for some ideas. Good places to find sample printables are on Etsy, Pinterest, and Google Images.

It’s usually a bad idea to copy what other people are doing in the world of printables, but making sure that you’re checking out how they use color, font and design can give you an understanding of how to make yours more attractive and easy-to-use.

Below are some tips on how to start your own printables-based business:

  1. Laying out a list of printables ideas. You’re not going to make much money on single-page printables, unless it’s a fancy calendar. It’s faster and easier to create single-page printables that you can sell one at a time or in packs. If possible, make them related. For example, you can have a keto diet menu planner, list of keto-friendly snacks, and weight loss tracker.

  2. Sketch out your printable design idea on a piece of paper. This can help you get your idea down quickly and make really quick adjustments.

  3. Decide on your logo, color scheme, and other brandable features. Keep it related to your business name, if you’re adding to your existing business. Your customers can’t find you if they don’t know how to spell your store name, so make sure you include it on any additional printables.

  4. Design your own printable. Plan the size of your digital printable in advance. If you’re using a spreadsheet for an 8 ½ X 11 design, just be sure to stay within the columns and rows for that particular size. If you’re designing a printable planner, you may want to make more sizes to fit the most common printable planners such as personal (4.25” X 6.75”), A-5 (5.8” X 8.3”), classic (5.5” X 8.5”). If you’re create printable for a specific planner, such as Happy Planner or Filofax, check the sizes to make sure you’re creating printables that will fit.

  5. You should always print a proof of your design to make sure it comes out as expected when printed. If you’re designing a planner, make sure you have enough room for the hole punches without cutting or damaging the design.

  6. Price your digital printable. It’s important to test different prices for your product or service. This can help you find the sweet spot price, which often coincides with higher sales rate. You may want to start by comparing prices of a similar printable. One thing you’ll need to do when it comes to your digital printable is account for your overhead costs, including Etsy membership or web hosting fees. One benefit to digital printables is that once they’re created, they can be sold as many times as you want without any additional work or materials. Your overhead in this case would be very low.

How to Make Printables to Sell

Three reasons that make selling printables a great online business idea or addition to your existing one are these:

  1. The tools you need to create and sell your printables are cheaper than you might think, with many of them being free.

  2. It is a passive income opportunity in that you set it up once and generate money from it repeatedly.

  3. You don’t need to be a graphic or computer design prodigy to create them.

What you need for your project depends partly on what kind of printables you’re creating—but if we’re generalizing, here’s some tools that might come in handy:

  • SPREADSHEET: (i.e. Google Sheets or Excel) Spreadsheets are a lot of fun. You can make checklists or other list items where things are lined up in rows or columns.

  • WORD PROCESSOR: (i.e. Google Docs or Word)

  • PDF CREATOR: You can usually save documents as a PDF or find free PDF makers online. If you want your doc to be able to be filled-in online, use PDFescape to create an interactive fillable PDF.

  • DESKTOP DESIGN SOFTWARE: Other programs like MS Publisher and Adobe InDesign are great for creating printables more intricate design if you need it. However, you don’t need one of those in order to create the easiest of printables designs!

  • CUTTING MACHINE SOFTWARE: Using this technique is especially helpful when creating stickers or die-cut printables. You can use registration marks to make it easier for your customers to cut them out with their cutting machine. If you’re making something that does not need to be cut, you don’t need.

  • GRAPHIC DESIGN SOFTWARE: Canva is one of the best online graphic design tools. They make it quick and easy to create printables or logos when you need them, including beautiful templates for all occasions. Another great option could be to use PicMonkey.

  • GRAPHICS: There are free and low-cost graphic resources out there. Make sure you double check that they’re licensed for commercial use before using them!

Selling Your Digital Printable Online

The fastest and easiest way to get your printable out there is with an Etsy store. Many people buy their digital pritables from Etsy so it’s a good place to start.

Other online options for selling printables include platforms like Creative Market and Fiverr.

if you want to take more control over your printable business, it might make sense for you to build a bespoke online store. Shopify is often popular with people who sell printable designs, but there are other e-commerce platforms that are more cost-effective for starting out.

Getting started selling digital printable products online is a great first step for your online business. You control the prices, and can easily change or update them. But there are still some things you might have to do yourself in terms of tech-know how.

WordPress templates can be easy to use when creating a site for your e-commerce business. You can select the template with the features that you want and upgrade it with additional features like e-commerce management tools once you’re set up.

Marketing Your Digital Printable Business

You’ll still need to add some marketing, even if your printable is on a popular site like Etsy. Consumers have tons of options for downloading and printing resources, which can be tricky. These are some helpful tips to help you stand out:

  • If you’ve got a current online business, it would be worth reaching out to your contacts through email and social media letting them know about the printable.

  • Give away a printable for free as a lead generator or content upgrade to your email list sign-up. By using this technique, you’ll be able to sell more paid printables down the road after gaining trust in the customer.

  • Keywords are a great way to help search engines and your Etsy store, but you’re never certain what they’ll rank on or where they may show up. Keywords provide the best chance of ranking your product in the places where your target audience is looking.

  • Write and distribute articles related to your printable and have your bio lead to your sales page or lead magnet for good hard cash!!!!

  • You don’t need to learn how to use Facebook ads! Just run them, they are pretty easy. You can even advertise your printable on Instagram.

  • If you haven’t started yet, start a YouTube channel or a blog related to your printable topic.

Now it’s time to put your creativity cap on. Make some printables, and then get back to us for some more business ideas!

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