How to Make Money on TikTok

How to make money on TikTok

Hey there, TikTok enthusiasts! Are you tired of just scrolling through the app for hours on end, gaining nothing but a few extra minutes of procrastination under your belt? Well, have no fear, because I am here to tell you that it is possible to turn those hours of scrolling into cold, hard cash. That’s right folks, you too can become a TikTok millionaire (or at least make enough to buy a few extra lattes a month). So, sit back, relax, and let’s get started on your journey to TikTok riches and learn the basics on how to make money on TikTok.

Since its global launch in 2017, TikTok (and its Chinese equivalent, Douyin) have become popular among users and the 2nd most downloaded app of the 2021s with close to 62 million installs. This platform offers immense opportunities for entrepreneurs and marketers to explore and maximize their marketing potential. 

Now, before we dive in, let’s just get one thing straight. I’m not promising you’ll be able to retire and live on a private island after reading this. But, I am saying that with a little bit of effort and a dash of creativity, you can turn your TikTok hobby into a profitable side hustle. Think of it as a way to finally put all those dance challenges and lip syncs to good use. So, grab your phone, and let’s start making that TikTok money, baby!

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How to make money on Tiktok

  1. Building a following

  2. Sponsored posts and brand deals

  3. Affiliate marketing

  4. Selling merchandise

  5. Live streaming

To start making money on TikTok:

  • Your account must adhere to the TikTok Community Guidelines and terms of service

  • You must be based in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, or Spain.

  • Your videos must have 100,000 video views in the past 30 days

  • You must have a minimum of 10,000 followers

  • You must be at least 18 years of age

Knowing your target audience better will give you insights into the most efficient way to monetize TikTok users. Building this understanding is key in achieving success.

Making money from TikTok isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation, but successful people usually have several income sources that work together. There’s the potential for sponsored posts and organic marketing, plus many more options to explore. With the right combination of strategies, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

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Building a Following: The Key to TikTok Riches

This is the foundation for making money on TikTok. The more followers you have, the more potential you have for monetizing your account.

  • Identify your niche and create content that aligns with it

  • Utilize trending hashtags to increase visibility

  • Collaborate with other creators in your niche

  • Consistently post and engage with your audience

  • Use analytics to track engagement and identify your peak posting times

Building a Following The Key to TikTok Riches

Alright folks, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. No matter how funny, relatable, or downright weird your videos are, if no one is watching them, you’re not going to make any money.

So, let’s talk about how to turn those 10 followers into 10,000.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “But wait, I thought TikTok was all about going viral and getting famous overnight!” Well, let me tell you something, that’s like winning the lottery. Sure, it could happen, but it’s not a reliable plan.

Building a following takes time and effort, but trust me, it’s worth it. Because once you have a following, the world is your oyster. Sponsored posts, brand deals, affiliate marketing, the possibilities are endless.

Let’s begin this journey and create financial success through TikTok!

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Creating engaging content

First things first, if you want to make money on TikTok, you need to have people to watch your videos. And let’s be real, no one wants to be the person with 10 followers and a dream.

So, let’s talk about how to build a following.

  • Identify your niche: Whether you’re into crafting, comedy, or canines, find something you’re passionate about and stick to it. That way, when people come across your content, they’ll know what to expect and will be more likely to follow you.

  • Utilize trending hashtags: Just like in real life, hashtags are the key to being seen by the right people. So, make sure you’re using them in your captions and videos.

  • Collaborate with other creators: TikTok isn’t a competition, it’s a community. So, team up with other creators in your niche and cross-promote each other’s content.

And remember, building a following takes time, patience and consistency, so don’t get discourage if you don’t see the results you want right away. And don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment, who knows maybe you’ll discover a new niche or style that will get you more followers!

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Consistency in posting

Consistency is key when it comes to building a following on TikTok. You can’t just post a video once a month and expect people to flock to your account. You need to be consistently putting out content that is engaging and relevant to your niche.

  • Set a schedule: You don’t have to post every day, but you should have a consistent posting schedule. Whether it’s three times a week or once a day, make sure your followers know when to expect new content from you.

  • Utilize the algorithm: TikTok’s algorithm is a fickle beast, but if you can tame it, you’ll see your reach and engagement increase. Make sure you’re using hashtags and keywords relevant to your niche, and also make sure your captions and video titles are engaging and relevant.

  • Engage with your audience: This is a big one, folks. You can’t just post videos and expect people to flock to your account. You have to engage with your followers. Respond to comments, hold Q&A sessions, and create a sense of community on your account.

  • Be creative and have fun with your content: Creating content can be a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Have fun with it, try new things and experiment! Maybe you’ll discover a new style or format that will get you more followers.

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Engaging with your audience

Now that you’ve built a following and are consistently posting content, it’s time to take it to the next level and really engage with your audience.

  • Responding to comments: Don’t be that creator who ignores their comments section. Respond to your followers, thank them for watching your videos and show that you care about their engagement.

  • Hold Q&A sessions: Q&A sessions are a great way to engage with your followers and get to know them better. It also gives them an opportunity to ask you questions they’ve always wanted to know.

  • Create a sense of community: Create a sense of community on your account. Encourage your followers to interact with each other and with you, this will make them feel more connected and more likely to stick around.

  • Use polls and quizzes: Use polls and quizzes to get your audience more engaged and to learn more about them. This will help you to create content that will be more appealing to them.

  • Share behind the scenes: Share behind the scenes of your content creation process, it will make your followers feel more connected to you and your work. – Have fun with it: Remember, you’re not just building a following, you’re building a community. So have fun with it, and don’t take yourself too seriously!

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Utilizing analytics

Now that you’ve got a following and are engaging with your audience, it’s time to take a look at the numbers. Yes, I know, numbers can be boring, but trust me, they’re important.

  • Track engagement: Keep an eye on your views, likes, comments, shares, and followers. This will give you a good idea of what’s working and what’s not.

  • Identify when your audience is most active: Knowing when your audience is most active is crucial when it comes to getting the most views and engagement. It will help you to schedule your posts at the right time.

  • Analyze your video performance: Analyze the performance of each video, how long it was viewed, how many likes and comments it received, etc. This will give you a good idea of what your audience likes and what they don’t.

  • Use the analytics to your advantage: Start to use the analytics to your advantage, use them to create better and more engaging content, and to reach a larger audience.

  • Don’t get obsessed with the numbers: Just remember, numbers aren’t everything. As long as you’re having fun and creating content that you’re proud of, that’s all that matters.

Monetizing your TikTok Account: The Fun Part

It’s time for the fun part! Let’s make the most of it. You’ve built a following, you’re consistently posting content, and you’re engaging with your audience. Now it’s time to turn all that hard work into cold, hard cash.

Monetize your TikTok Account

In this section, we’ll be talking about all the different ways you can monetize your account. From sponsored posts to merchandise sales, the options are endless.

But, before you start raking in the dough, remember to always disclose sponsored content to your audience and comply with TikTok’s monetization policies. So, grab your wallet and let’s start cashing in on that TikTok fame!

#1. Sponsored posts and brand deals

By partnering with brands, you can earn money by promoting their products or services in your videos.

  • Reach out to brands and pitch your services

  • Utilize TikTok’s Creator Fund to find sponsored opportunities

  • Be transparent with your audience about sponsored content

This is one of the most popular ways to make money on TikTok. Brands are always looking for influencers to help promote their products or services. And lucky for you, you’ve got a following!

Reach out to brands and pitch your services. Introduce yourself, show them your engagement rates and how you can help them reach their target audience. If you’re not sure who to reach out to, TikTok’s Creator Fund is a great place to start.

Once you’ve landed a brand deal, make sure you disclose that the content is sponsored and comply with TikTok’s monetization policies.

Just remember, the sponsored content doesn’t have to be boring, be creative and make it fun for your audience. And don’t forget to negotiate your rate, you’re not just a TikTok influencer, you’re a TikTok superstar!

#2. Affiliate marketing

This is another way to monetize your account by promoting products and earning a commission on sales.

  • Utilize unique tracking links to track sales

  • Promote products that align with your niche

  • Provide value to your audience by giving honest reviews of the products

TikTok is not only a great platform to showcase your creativity, but also provides dynamic opportunities for earning money. One such way of earning on TikTok is affiliate marketing. This is when you promote a product and earn a commission on any sales made through your unique tracking link.

The key to successful affiliate marketing is to promote products that align with your niche and that you truly believe in. Provide value to your audience by giving honest reviews of the products, and don’t be afraid to be selective about the products you promote.

And remember, it’s not just about the commission, it’s about providing value to your audience and building trust with them.

So, be authentic and transparent, and watch the money roll in. And don’t forget to disclose that you are using affiliate links, be compliant with all the policies and regulations, nobody wants to be in trouble with the law.

#3. Selling merchandise

This can be a great way to monetize your account, especially if you have a loyal following.

  • Utilize the in-app feature to sell merchandise

  • Utilize third-party platforms like Shopify or Teespring

  • Sell products that align with your niche and brand

By selling merchandise, TikTok users have an opportunity to monetize their accounts and make some extra money. This is an easy way to create additional income and increase financial stability.

From t-shirts to mugs, the possibilities are endless.

TikTok has an in-app feature that allows creators to sell merchandise, but you can also use third-party platforms like Shopify or Teespring. Just make sure the merchandise you’re selling aligns with your niche and brand. And don’t be afraid to get creative with your designs.

Who wouldn’t want a mug with your face on it? And remember, the key to successful merchandise sales is to build a loyal following.

So, keep creating content that resonates with your audience and they’ll be more likely to buy your stuff.

#4. Live streaming

This feature can be a great way to monetize your TikTok account, as many creators make money by interacting with their fans in real-time.

  • Utilize the in-app feature to go live

  • Utilize third-party platforms like Instagram or YouTube live

  • Interact with your fans and promote products or services during your live streams

Live Streaming is an excellent way to make a living while building connections with your followers. It’s the perfect way to maximize your potential and make a positive impact on those who support you.

By going live on TikTok, Instagram or YouTube, you can interact with your fans in real-time and promote products or services. Just make sure to let your followers know when you’re going live, and engage with them during the stream. You can answer their questions, play games and have fun together.

Live streaming success lies in the cultivation of a sense of community. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine and enjoy the process as you go.

Who knows, you might even make some new friends!

Top 10 Most Followed Accounts on TikTok

  1. Charli D’Amelio (@charlidamelio) – With over 146 million followers, Charli D’Amelio is the most followed person on TikTok. She rose to fame through her dance videos and has since become a social media sensation.

  2. Bella Poarch (@bellapoarch) – With over 93 million followers, Bella Poarch is a popular creator known for her lip-sync videos and memes.

  3. Addison Rae (@addisonre) – With over 90 million followers, Addison Rae is another TikTok star known for her dance videos and lip-syncs.

  4. Zach King (@zachking) – With over 73 million followers, Zach King is a popular creator known for his magic and illusion videos.

  5. Dixie D’Amelio (@dixiedamelio) – With over 58 million followers, Dixie D’Amelio is the sister of Charli D’Amelio and is also known for her dance and lip-sync videos.

  6. Spencer X (@spencerx) – With over 56 million followers, Spencer X is a popular beatboxer and musician on TikTok.

  7. Michael Le (@justmaiko) – With over 53 million followers, Michael Le is a popular creator known for his comedy and lip-sync videos.

  8. Riyaz Aly (@riyaz.14) – With over 46 million followers, Riyaz Aly is a popular creator known for his lip-sync and dance videos.

  9. Lil Huddy (@lilhuddy) – With over 32 million followers, Lil Huddy is a popular creator known for his comedy and lip-sync videos and collaborations with other creators.

  10. David Dobrik (@daviddobrik) – With over 27 million followers, David Dobrik is a popular creator known for his vlogs and pranks.

In Conclusion…

Summary of key points: So, to sum up folks, in order to make money on TikTok, you need to build a following, consistently post content, engage with your audience, and monetize your account through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, merchandise sales, or live streaming.

Additional resources and tips for success: The world of TikTok is always changing, so make sure to keep an eye on TikTok’s official website and social media channels for updates. And don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things.

Always be transparent with your audience and comply with TikTok’s monetization policies, otherwise, you might end up with a TikTok account full of videos and no money to show for it.

And last but not least, have fun with it, after all, that’s what TikTok is all about. So, go out there, be creative, and make that TikTok money!

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