15+ Mobile Business Ideas to Get Your StartUp on Wheels Rolling

Mobile Business Ideas

It is becoming easier to start businesses and work remotely, which is especially helpful if you have a lot of opportunity in a lot of different areas. A mobile business may be the perfect fit for you if you’re ready to take that next step.

What is mobile business? A mobile business is exactly as it sounds. It allows you to take your products and services to different locations and provide them on the go. Mobile business owners today are able to bring all of their tools and equipment with them as needed, and can provide services for customers at any location. Some may do this from cars, like food trucks.

Here’s some of the most lucrative mobile businesses you can explore if this is still something that interests you.

#1 Niche Food Truck

You’ve probably seen food trucks for just about every type of food, but the most successful ones tend to specialize in a specific cuisine or concept. Perhaps the food of your choice is sandwiches, pretzels, or breakfast. If you’re in an area with a diverse demographic, perhaps Mexican-style or Italian-style will work best. Or if you’re in an area with different dietary restrictions, organic versions might be right for you.

#2 Pet Grooming


If you are a vet or groomer, you are in the perfect position to start your own pet grooming business. All the equipment and supplies you need to provide high-quality service to your clients at their home can be brought along easily. These are ideal services for owners of pets who have busy schedules or those with skittish animals.

Be sure to check your state’s requirements. If you have a pet grooming business in a specific state, you will most likely need to have obtained the proper licensing.

#3 Tutoring

how to make money fast tutoring

If you have work experience in a certain subject and enjoy teaching others, mobile tutorships are a really interesting option. You will be able to set your own hours and make your own schedule, which makes it a great part-time workspace for people who lead busy lives.

Tutoring children after school hours and in the evening hours is popular. These times work well for tutors and can result in an additional stream of income.

#4 Party Transportation

A party bus or night bus is a type of road vehicle whose main function is to take people to nightclubs, parties and events.

You can take any type of group anywhere you like. It can be a simple little excursion or something big, like a wedding party or bachelorette party. You can use the bus to get them to the destination, or rent a large limo. You can take any type of group anywhere you like. It can be a simple little excursion or something big, like a wedding party or bachelorette party. You can use the bus to get them to the destination, or rent a large limo.

#5 Personal Trainer


A personal training business using either in-home or mobile services has to decide on what they specialize in, whether it be cardio, weight lifting, sports training etc. Personal trainers need to know the best methods and techniques the industry has to offer, and be able to speak to the market about their offerings.

But despite all of this, the bottom line is what drives a personal trainer’s success. A personal trainer has to address not just all of skills needed but also their attitude and personality in order for them to be successful.

#6 Auto Detailing

A mobile auto detailing business enables you to provide a high quality service right at your customer’s doorsteps, keeping their car washed and clean while they are working, watching football or something else that requires all their attention.

This is a time-saver which is perfect for those who are too busy to handle it themselves, making it an easy sell.

#7 Cleaning Services


A cleaning service is the perfect business for people with a mobile lifestyle. Not only do they clean houses, but you can also provide residential and office cleaning. You’ll be able to start out by doing residential work and once you get more established in the industry, you’ll be able to offer an extensive range of services.

For example, you can choose to specialize in a specific type of cleanings like green cleaning or construction cleanup. Services can also include event cleanup, like after a concert or football game. People attending might not just be satisfied with the service; they’ll appreciate it as well.”

#8 Handyman

Lots of people can’t do certain things around their house due to various reasons such as time restraints, disabilities, or lack of knowledge. Luckily, hiring someone is a quick and easy solution to this problem.

This type of professional is well equipped to deal with a range of repairs on a house, such as door repairs, or installation new appliances. They may also be trained in installing or repairing items like plumbing. New lights and most importantly they provide the safety that you need in your house and surrounding environment.

Don’t expect a handyman to sub out a plumbing problem or anything like that. That’s usually the domain of specialized workers due to licensing requirements in most states.

#9 Photographer


You don’t need a studio to be successful at photography. You can take your gear anywhere and with a mobile business you can get some really unique shots. But the best thing about being a freelance photographer is that you have the freedom to choose your own jobs. It’s important to take photos for yourself as well, because if you’re not satisfied with what you’re creating then it doesn’t make sense to keep shooting.

Photography has been transformed in the last decade, with the cost of equipment quickly decreasing thanks to digital media. You need only a camera and computer to be a successful photographer. The right subjects and environment will do the rest!

#10 Salon or Spa

Becoming a mobile stylist may be an attractive opportunity to you. If you have the right equipment, experience, training and license, you may be able to create a mobile salon that offers hair and nail services in your customers homes.

Your clientele could range from wealthy individuals to modelling agencies, who will have home stylists come to their house on an as-needed basis.

Expanding to a mobile spa may be an excellent way of increasing your customer base. Mobile spas can provide local customers with a variety of health and luxury services, like massages, facials and more!

#11 Catering

Catering is an excellent mobile business opportunity for now. The best thing is that once you hold your first few successful events, word of mouth will do the rest, and you’ll be very busy.The best part about catering is that there are no competitors to compare yourself to. If people love your food, they will come back for more!

You could also consider expanding your own mobile catering business further into in-house catering or other projects like pop-up restaurants. Doing so will help to grow your business and provide new opportunities for success.

#12 Tech Help


Brick-and-mortar tech repair shops are a dime a dozen, but sometimes finding an appointment that suits your needs can be difficult. That’s because many people need service in times of emergency. A tech help vehicle can help both small businesses and individuals get the specialized help they need, no matter where they are, and as quickly as possible. For example, from data recovery, screen repair to wireless troubleshooting.

If you specialize in heavier tech equipment, such as servers, your market will also expand. In the rare occasion of these items needing to be fixed by a specialist, it’s best when they are at the location in question.

#13 Junk Removal

Junk Removal

If you own a large truck and are looking for a new business opportunity, consider running a junk removal service. If a homeowner has an outbuilding or some other type of stash that no longer serve any purpose, they can pay you to remove it.

The great thing about dealing with junk is that you can do whatever you want with it. One option is to clean it up, sell it for a second fee, and keep the second fee for yourself.

#14 Mobile Wedding Services


Start a mobile wedding services business and give people the wedding they’ve always wanted with the services you provide! Calm their nerves with a relaxing salon session, take beautiful pictures, create a stunning flower arrangements and provide delicious catering for your clients’ big day.

Expand your event planning offerings by adding wedding planning services. You’ll be able to offer a complete package that caters to customers’ needs and budget.

#15 Professional Organizer

A professional organizer goes into people’s homes and helps organize their spaces. You can organize the filing system for a home office, or a child’s playroom, or even kitchen cabinets and pantry. It makes organizing a lot easier, which in turn saves time and helps you focus on other important parts of your life.

Too many people live with clutter and lack systems to keep their work space manicured. If your life is organized and you have a knack for finding creative solutions for handling the complex organizational problems that come up, starting a mobile organizing business might be a good option.

The SBA provides a lot of great tips for startups, including acquiring all the necessary permits and insuring your vehicle. You should really take a few minutes to go through their advice.

#16 Moving Services

Starting a service moving company can be as easy as getting yourself a truck and a second pair of hands. You don’t need to invest in any special equipment, because all you need is your truck and somewhere to park it.

You don’t need a big cash flow to start this business because the startup costs are quite low. Plus, demand for these services is usually high and it’s a smart business idea in general.

#17 Personal Assistant Service

Large doses of life often show us how many things we would do if only we had more time in the day. That’s why so many people engage the services of personal assistants to pick up small tasks that are eating into their free time, or large ones such as picking up their dry cleaning.

It’s up to you as to what services you offer and how to market them. First, look at what your potential customers would like to outsource, then it’ll be easier for you to decide on which tasks are best for your business.

Why Do People Love Mobile Businesses?

Mobile businesses are growing in popularity because they’re easy to start and operate. They also offer flexibility for people who need to travel frequently.

Here’s why people love them so much.

There are several reasons why people love mobile businesses. First, they’re easy to start. You don’t need any special skills or equipment to open one. Second, they’re flexible. If you work full-time, you can still run a mobile business.

Third, they’re convenient. You can do your shopping while sitting at home or waiting for a bus. Fourth, they’re affordable. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to set up a store. Finally, they’re fun. You can make money by selling things you enjoy doing.

They’re Easy To Set Up.

Starting a mobile business is easier than starting a traditional brick-and-mortar business. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and a smartphone. You can even use apps to help you manage your business.

You Can Reach Customers Anywhere.

If you start a mobile business, you will reach customers wherever they are. This means that you can sell products to people who live in rural areas, small towns, big cities, or anywhere else. It also means that you can offer services to anyone at any time.

They’re Affordable.

There are so many reasons why people love mobile businesses. One reason is because they are affordable. You can start a mobile business with very little money. Another reason is that you can do almost anything online. You can set up an ecommerce store, sell products, and even make money without having to leave home.

They’re Fun.

If you want to start a mobile business, you need to think about what kind of business you want to run. Are you going to sell something? Or are you going to offer services? Either way, there are plenty of ways to make money through mobile businesses.

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