4 Low-Cost, Work at Home Business Ideas for Women

Home Business Ideas for Women

When deciding what kind of business ideas to pursue, women who want to work at home should look for ones with low startup costs and low risk. Industries that remain strong include those offering a service-type product that benefits others, as well as products and services that offer child and pet care.

Being passionate about what you do is important – rarely will you meet anyone successful who isn’t in love with their business. It’s important to take time to think about what you’re going to do (rather than entering a career or job blindly) and make sure that it’s something that suits your interests.

Starting and running a business does require a large investment of time and money, but the personal fulfillment you will get in return is almost always worth it.

Some business ideas you might want to consider starting up are: but don’t be afraid to think outside the box! If you like cooking but don’t want to open a restaurant, consider catering, bake sales where you sell food, or any other sort of food related fundraiser.

You could also consider starting a home delivery service or a food product that sells in stores or at the nearby farmer’s market.

In other words, pursue something you’re passionate about and make it unique. Find a niche to go after before your competitors get ahead of you!

#1 Are You a Peacemaker? Think About Becoming a Mediator

One of the most important aspects a mediator can offer is neutrality. Mediators are impartial, meaning that they’re free from any biases one side or the other may have. Unlike arbitrators, mediators will not impose a decision or choice in favor of one party or the other and this can sometimes save a lot of time and money to all parties involved.

In most of the US, there is no formal qualification for mediators. However, it’s important to be a good networker among lawyers.

Mediators charge somewhere between $80-100 per hour for their services, but rates will be impacted by factors such as location and experience. Begin by contacting the American Arbitration Association to learn more about the requirements and rewards of becoming a mediator.

#2 eBay Entrepreneurs

With the right marketing tools, you can sell anything on eBay. The world’s largest online auction service continues to be cost-effective and profitable for everything from broken tool sets to homes for sale.

The best eBay business tip is to research retail stores that are closing – this can lead to opportunities, especially if they’re discontinuing all their product lines. Designate cash for the items you purchase and resell them on eBay for a profit.

If you’re willing to invest about 20-30 hours a week, making sales on eBay is a great way to bring in anywhere from $1000-$2000 a month. That might sound like a small amount of money but over the course of the year you will have earned as much as if you were working full-time at minimum wage job. And with being your own boss, you get to enjoy all the perks.

#3 Start a First Aid Kits Business

It isn’t one of those schemes where you shave your head and work in your kitchen assembling products.The US Postal Service gave a $10 million contract to a one-man company in 2003 just for medical customized first-aid kits.

Thanks to the rise in emergency preparedness among consumers, medical and customized first-aid kits make great fundraisers. They sell quickly because everyone wants to be proactive in their personal safety.

A specialized medical kit and preassembled first aid kits are in high demand among industries such as schools, corporations that need them to be on site. To get started, you will need to buy wholesale parts, assemble your kits, and find a market. Kits can range from $5-$150 based on what your market is.

#4 Telephone Answering Service

If you have a good speaking voice and decent communication skills, why not turn it into a job? Start a home-based phone answering service.

Depending on which services you offer, like weekday, weekend, or after-hours. Phone service averages $200 per month and is usually required for after-hours calls. The cost of startup is ultimately determined by the “essential elements” such as phone service, business licensing and advertising.

The Most Important Investment is Your Time

Starting and running a new small business usually does require some startup cash, but it also always requires a significant energy and time investment in order to make it work. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, it can be hard to put in the effort and time needed to make your small business a success. But if you love what you do, even day-to-day tasks will bring a lot of satisfaction.

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